Format For English Test (A1,A2,B1)

Format of B1 or GESE Grade 5 Test

Why do I need to take the test?

The English Language speaking and listening B1 exam is an important part of the process if you want to become a permanent resident or a naturalised British citizen. You must pass this test and supply the results as proof of your English language ability in your application. You will need to send the details of your language test result together with the confirmation of the results from your Life in the UK test (which has to be done separately) to the Home Office as part of your application.

Home Office statistics show that around three in ten people failed the test in 2014. With an attempt costing around £205 a time, this is an expensive mistake for people who fail and who need to take the exam again. However, if you understand what you need to do, prepare and practise, then you can be confident that you will pass the first time. By using our services to learn the required material, you can go to your test confident that you will be one of the people who pass on their first attempt.

What is the format of the exam?

  • 10 minute speaking and listening test
  • Provisional results on the same day
  • Certificate usually sent within 7 days
  • Speaking & Listening only

There are two parts

Topic: You choose a topic to prepare in advance of the test, for discussion with the examiner.  In advance you must also complete a Topic Form and bring it with you to the exam. Conversation:The examiner will chose two subject areas for you to have a short conversation with the examiner on the day.

You also need to take a ‘Life in the UK’ Test as part of your application

Format of A1 or GESE Grade 2 Test

Any applicant who wants to apply for a “Family, Spouse or Partner” visa as part of their Further Leave to Remain application to UK Visas and Immigration is required to show Knowledge of English at ESOL Entry Level 1 / A1 CEFR Level.

In order to fulfil the requirement of the Knowledge of Language, applicants need to obtain an (ESOL) at or above Entry Level 1 / A1 CEFR, which consists of “Speaking and Listening” modules only and is passed through an approved English Language Test.

What's in the exam?

  • 6 minutes speaking and listening test (It's a one-to-one conversation with a examiner)
  • Provisional results on the same day
  • Certificate usually sent within 7 days
  • Speaking & Listening only

Format of A2 or GESE Grade 3 Test

Why do I need to take the test?

As per Home Office guidelines, all applicants who are applying for Further Leave to Remain Extension (Spouse/Parent  visa extension), must pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT) in at least CEFR level A2 in Speaking and Listening.

The Home Office has announced from a future date, non-EEA nationals will need to pass a SELT in speaking and listening at level A2, after two-and-a-half years in the UK in order to qualify for further leave to remain on the five-year partner or parent route to settlement.

Changes in English Language Requirement:

From November 2016 the requirement has changed from ESOL (A1) (Entry level 1) level to ESOL (A2) (Entry level 2) level. If you have already passed ESOL at A1 level, you will have to sit for an ESOL A2 level (Entry level 2) again.

The new A2 requirement delivers the government’s manifesto commitment to ensure that those coming to the UK on a Family visa with only Basic English will overtime become fluent in the English language. This will result in a person being able to engage more fluently in everyday conversation and thereby improve their participation and integration into the community and everyday life.

What does the exam involve?

  • The test involves Speaking and Listening (It is a one-to-one conversation with an examiner)
  • The test takes 6 minutes
  • Provisional results on the same day
  • Certificate usually sent within 7 days
  • Speaking & Listening only

English Tests (A1,A2 and B1)

Life in the UK Test

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