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The Life in the United Kingdom test is a computer-based test and is one of the requirements for applicant planning to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen. The test was introduced for settlement on 2 April 2007 as part of Immigration process. The test fulfils the requirements for "sufficient knowledge of life in the United Kingdom".

The test lasts for 45 minutes, during which time the candidate is required to answer 24 multiple-choice questions. To pass the test, the candidate must receive a grade of 75% or higher (at least 18 correct answers out of 24 questions). Testing is not directly administered by UK Visas and Immigration but is carried out by approved test centres only.

The current guide to prepare the test is from the third edition of the handbook, Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents. The test covered the chapters "The Values and principles of the UK", "What is the UK?", "A long and illustrious history", "A modern, thriving society" and "The UK government, the law and your role".

UK English Test provides preparation material and online practice test for free when you register for the test.

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Life in the UK Test

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