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The exam information on this page is only for your guidance. It is the applicant's sole responsibility to choose the right exam according to their requirements. UK English Test accepts no responsibility for the exam chosen. We strongly recommend that candidates/applicants contact our experts to understand the exam and level required with their sponsor (employer or educational institution).

Currently the UK Home Office is accepting English Exams from Trinity College of London and British Council Certificates. Once you have booked your Exam through UK English Test website, you will need to appear in one the nearest Home Office approved Test Centre for your English Exam or Life in the UK Test. You can appear in SELT approved test centres only.

Application Type Exam Required Skills Required
Further Leave to Remain Spouse/Partner
Parent of a dependent
A1 (GESE Grade 2) Speaking and listening
Further Leave to Remain (Extension Visa) Spouse/Partner
Parent of a dependent
A2 (GESE Grade 3) Speaking and listening
Indefinite Leave to Remain ILR(Settlement/Permanent Residency) B1 (GESE Grade 5) Speaking and listening
British Citizenship (Naturalisation) B1 (GESE Grade 5) Speaking and listening
TfL - Private Hire Licence ISEI B1 Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

English Tests (A1,A2 and B1)

Life in the UK Test

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