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Please note by using the website or any of the services available through this website, the user agrees to be legally bound by the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy set out by the company. Please make sure you read them both carefully before you start to use this website for your test booking purpose and keep an electronic copy for your records. If you do not accept these Terms & Conditions, please abstain from using this particular website.

Before booking any test please make sure you go through the entire website and read all relevant information. UK English Test will not be responsible in any way if the applicant chooses the wrong type of exam needed for his/her application. The applicant will be held responsible for the booking the exam. So, it will be better if you speak to one of our test booking advisors, lawyers or to go through the Home Office website before you book your test on our website.  

ID Documents:

 Before you book your test on our website make sure you have one of the following valid photo identification documents with you; it can be a (Passport, Biometric Card, Travel or GV3 Document). Make sure you fill the booking form correctly and all details (date of birth, Photo ID document numbers, and expiry date) according to your identification document. On the day of exam bring an address proof along with your Photo ID which you used for booking your test. You will not be able to sit for the exam if you fail to show any of the IDs and hence you will lose your fees for which UK English Test won’t be responsible and you’ll have rebook your test.
  Once you book your preferred test with us we will send you a confirmation mail stating your exam date, venue and time to your registered email. Also note that the exam will only booked once the booking department receives the full payment of the test you booked. Any changes to be made in your personal details should be done within 24hrs of booking the test after which no changes are allowed. If you need to make any changes email us at info@ukenglish.com.

Deadlines or Visa Expiry:

 It is your responsibility to book and pass your English exams for Home Office well in time before your visa expires. We will not get involved into any such circumstances if you have to meet any deadline and will not accept any liability if you cannot get your certificate before your visa expires.

Changes in Law:

 We will not take any responsibility if the law changes after you have taken the exam and your certificate is no longer valid for the purpose. We will not make any refunds.

Changes in Venue, Time and Exam:

 In rare cases we may have to change the date, venue or examining body for the exam. If this happens, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity. If we have to cancel an exam for any reason, we will offer you an alternative date or full refund if the new date is not suitable for you. There will not be any refund available if the exam starts late and you have to wait for little longer for your exam on the exam day.

Late on the exam day:

 In case you don’t show up or arrive late than your scheduled time then your full fee will be forfeited and you will not be liable for any refunds. We recommend all candidates to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their exam time. Note that the exam fees are non-transferable.

Unacceptable behaviour:

 We reserve the right to cancel your exam if we find any reasons to believe that your behaviour to our staff, volunteer(s) or examiner(s) is not acceptable on the exam day or over the phone before and after the exam. In such cases you will lose your full fee. As a result of you unacceptable behaviour you will have to pay the full fee to re-sit the exam.  
All emails must be sent to info@ukenglishtest.com or alternatively contact us through our direct line during the working hours of the office at 0330 113 3900.

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